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Welcome to Greg's Safety Tips

Every year, on average, in the United States, 53,000 people die of accidents, and of that, 35,000 die in automobile crashes alone. Most of these could be prevented through a few basic techniques. My intention in this blog is to present you with ideas on how to prevent accidents in general and in specific areas of your life. I hope you find this information helpful and useful. My background includes being active in physical and health education, athletic training, emergency technician training, CPR and first aid training and industrial hygiene services throughout my life. My basic belief is to prevent an accident or health issue is to improve a life.

Let's start out with an idea of how accidents happen and how to prevent them. What are some ways you think accidents happen?

The ways I think they happen include:

1. People not paying attention to what they are doing. TEXTING while driving is a significant example. When you text, even a moment of distraction can be deadly.

2. Carelessness goes along with not paying attention. Sometimes we do things so often that we think we can do it safely without paying complete attention, so we don't.

3. Ignorance is a third factor. When we attempt a task and don't really know how to do the task, it can be disastrous. After the Hurricanes Harvey and Irma many people rented chain saws to cut away tree limbs. Many of the people ended up in emergency departments with severe injuries, (By the way, we will be discussing chain saw safety in the future).

4. Equipment failure. When a machine breaks, it can cause injury to the operator

and to bystanders.

5. People getting in the way is a fifth way of getting injured. When you see a dangerous situations, stay back.

Evaluate the level of risk

Three Levels of Accident Awareness

Green - You are aware of your surroundings and what you are doing. You are not over doing your awareness; you are on task and know it. Most accidents are avoided at this level.

Yellow - You are day dreaming, tired, lackadaisical about what you are doing. Most accidents happen at this level.

Red - it is too late, the accident is happening now - you are in great fear and have an intense awareness of your surroundings. You are falling off a ladder, your car is running a red light, a robber is taking your money, you are about to be severely injured or worse!

Stay in the Green area at all times to protect yourself and others around you from a deadly accident.

Follow these tips to prevent accidents

Concentrate on what you are doing – Stay focused.

• Pay attention to what you are doing.

• Take a break when you get tired.

Learn how to do the task correctly - Read the directions

• Take a course - read a book.

• Learn from those who know properly do the task.

Insist on doing it correctly - Follow the directions

• Follow manufactures’ instructions.

• Follow those instructions from A-Z - take no shortcuts.

Maintain your stuff - Tighten the bolts, change the oil.

• Follow the manufactures maintenance schedule.

• Replace broken and damaged parts.

• If it is beyond your capabilities to repair the item, take it to a trained repair person or replace the item.

• Clean up spills as soon as possible to prevent falls.

Be aware of your surroundings - look all around.

• Know who and what are in front of you, next to you, behind you, above you, and below you at all times.

• Plan ahead and give yourself a way out.

Anytime you begin a task, project, or maneuver, quickly review the CLIMB system so you can step up to safety. To help you remember the ways for you to stay safe and keep others safe, if you take the first letter of words Concentrate, Learn, Insist, Maintain, and Beware they spell out CLIMB. I call this method the CLIMB method - Five steps to safety.

In Post # 2, I will give basic safety tips for being safe around the home.

See you then.

Be safe and enjoy today and tomorrow.

Greg Smith