It's almost October 31st. Halloween is quickly becoming, if not already, the most popular holiday of all. It's a chance to be someone or something else for a few hours. As I think of safety tips I have read over the years about Halloween, I think most of them provide good advice. Some go over the top. I don't think there are many people who would try to hurt children by giving them bad treats. Here are some tips on safe trick or treating.

The Costume

  • Young children should wear light-colored clothing that is off the ground enough to prevent tripping.

  • All costumes should have reflective tape on them if worn outside in the dark.

  • Make sure children can see well enough through face masks to walk safely in the dark. If they can’t, use face make up.

  • Avoid hard plastic or wood props such as daggers or swords. Substitute with foam rubber which is soft and flexible.

  • Keep costumed children away from pets. The pet may not recognize the child and become frightened.

The Walk

  • Young children should be accompanied by adults or a responsible teenager.

  • Carry a flash light while you Trick or Treat. A flash light with a orange or red light cone on the end is a good idea for cars to see the trickster.

  • Stay within the neighborhood and only visit homes you know.

  • Watch for traffic. Remember that you can see a car with its lights on better then the car driver can see you.

  • Drivers should be extra cautions on Halloween night, on the road and in their driveway.

The Treats

  • If you are giving out candy, leave your porch light on so children will know it is ok to come for treats.

  • Only give and accept wrapped or packaged candy.

  • Instruct children not to eat Halloween candy until they arrive home and an adult has checked the treats for safety. Kids!, don’t let the adults eat too many of your candy checking for bad ones.

  • Don’t eat suspect treats or ones which the packaging has been opened.

Have a happy and safe spooky night.