Hay Rides

Hay rides are a great group activity. The only danger is a wagon rider falling off and being run over by the wagon. To prevent this from occurring, the riders and the tractor driver have certain responsibilities to make the evening safe.

Tractor driver

  • Know the route; if new to the route, drive it during the day to learn it. It is a good idea for an experienced driver to go over the route during the day to look for any obstructions in the way such as a large branch on the road.

  • Drive the tractor at a slow pace, less than 10 miles per hour.

  • Make sure that the tractor is in good running order - lights, and breaks.

  • Make sure that the wagon is in good running order.

  • The side pieces are sturdy to protect the riders from falling off.

  • The floor is hole free and that straw is thick enough to keep the riders comfortable but not riding high in the wagon.

  • Inform the riders of the safety rules:

1. Stay in the wagon, no jumping in and out.

2. No pushing and shoving.

3. No smoking to prevent others from being burned.

4. Be alcohol free before the ride.


  • Follow the rules.