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Deer Crossings

Now that it is deer hunting season, the deer are a little more crazy and running across streets more often.

In Michigan alone there are over 65,000 car-deer collisions annually. Most occur on the first day and the first few hours after the opening of hunting season.

  • If a deer runs in front of your car, look quickly to see that there is no car behind you, then brake hard but not so hard to cause you to go into a skid.

  • If you can’t stop safely, don’t swerve out of your lane. It is safer to hit the deer. One Friday night in October 1996, a deer ran in front of me and I hit it straight on - the deer died, I was unhurt. Two days later, a county Sheriff deputy came across a herd of deer on the road; he swerved, hit a tree and died. Stay in your lane!

  • In areas known to have deer crossings, drive with a cautious awareness of the area. Drive the speed limit or slower. If you can take a route where there is less of a chance to see deer, take it.

  • Watch for deer along the road side especially around dawn and sunset. Regularly scan off the road into the field and woods.

  • At night set your instrument panel lights to about half their full strength to make it easier to see deer along the road.

  • Wear your seatbelt and shoulder harness.