Gun Safety

Going along with the last post of hunting safety tips is gun safety tips.

Around 31,000 people die from gunshot wounds in America annually due to homicide, suicides and unintentional shootings. This section gives tips on how to avoid wounds due to accidents.

  • Be extremely careful with guns!

  • If you own a gun, take a gun safety course from a certified firearms safety instructor.

  • If you buy a gun, have the store representative give you important safety information before you leave the store.

  • Always keep guns and ammunition stored in separate areas of the home or business and under lock and key.Keep the keys in an area away from unauthorized adults and all children.

  • Treat every gun as if it were loaded.

  • Point a gun only at things you intend to shoot or what is safe to shoot at, such as the ground.

  • Shoot only at things you can clearly see - never assume or guess what the target is. It might be a person or persons or a domesticated animal behind the brush you are shooting at.

  • Keep your finger off the trigger until you are actually ready to shoot at the target.

  • Keep the action open and the gun unloaded while traveling to and from a hunting spot or target area, climbing fences, crossing streams, etc.

  • Have the gun’s safety on at all times except when you are ready to shoot.Treat your gun as if the safety is always off.

  • When crossing a fence in a group, unloads your gun, have the safety on, have one person cross the fence while one person holds the weapons. When the first person is over, the second person hands the first person the unloaded weapons and then crosses the fence away from where the gun holder is standing.

  • When crossing a fence by yourself, unload your gun, put the safety on and put the gun under the fence on its side. Never place the gun pointing upward leaning against the fence.Many guns have slipped over, fired and killed its owner or a friend.

  • Use only the correct amount and type of ammunition for your gun.

  • Wear eye and ear protection appropriate for the situation.

  • Do not use alcohol or mood altering drugs while using firearms.

  • Keep your guns clean and in a working order.

  • Tipple check that your gun is unloaded before you clean the barrel.