Christmas Tree

It’s getting close to Christmas and I see Christmas tree stands all over town. So I want to share a few safety tips on getting a tree and caring for it when it is in your home.

  • Choose a fresh-cut tree. Look for a tree with moist needles that stay on the branches.

  • Make a fresh cut on the trunk just before putting the tree in the stand to expose a sap-free porous surface for water to be drawn up into the trunk.

  • Place the tree in a large enough stand to prevent the tree from tipping over.

  • Keep space heaters more than three feet away from the tree and, of course, turn off and unplug any space heaters when you are away from the room.

  • Check the water level daily.

  • Take down and remove the tree when the tree begins to become dry, brittle, and the needles begin to shed profusely.

  • Use lights with wires that are flexible and are free from breaks and cracks.

  • Be careful when putting the top ornament on the tree that you don’t fall and/or tip the tree over. Put the top decorations on when the tree is leaning over while it is being put into the stand.

  • Don’t use lit candles as part of your tree decorations. (I don’t think any of us would do this in the 21st Century. We are more likely to put a lighted cell on it then candles).

  • Don’t use your old tree for fire wood as the tree sap can build up in the chimney and cause a chimney fire.

Have a good Holiday of peace and love