Fireworks are made of gun powder, a powerful and hot force. If used incorrectly, they can cause severe injury and even death.

Some simple tips can make using fireworks a fun and safe event.

  • Remember that in the excitement of using fireworks, it's easy to forget safety.

  • Since fireworks are mainly used at night, vision of things around you is lessened. Beware of people, animals, and other things around you.

  • Use only legal fireworks.

  • Wear safety glasses when using fireworks.

  • Have only adults or mature children use them.

  • Closely supervise children who are watching.

  • Never point fireworks towards other people or animals

  • Wear shoes so that your feet stay free from burns and pokes from sharp objects.

  • Realize that all fireworks' fuses can burn at different rates…some slower than others….so, don't hold on to the fireworks too long.

  • Realize that a sparkler can get as hot as 1800°F

  • Place used sparklers tip down in a bucket of sand.

  • Leave exploded and not exploded - , fireworks alone over night to ensure that the fuse is out. Used fireworks can also be seen easier in daylight to perform an area clean up.

  • Remember - Safety is always # 1.

The National Fireworks Association. Batterymarch Park, Quincy, MA 02269